Our Gallery

Who We Are

We are a boutique on-line only gallery inspired by the joy of collecting and the appreciation of art in all forms.

Our gallery has acquired a selection of unique original artworks from many local and international artists.  Our wide collection includes works from the Masters, living icons as well as new up-and-coming artists.  We regularly scour the country for new pieces to showcase.

Our name is representative of our collection as a whole – some of the works really do belong in a vault or a museum gallery, and in cases has even been acquired from gallery collections. 

How We Work

We accept works on consignment, subject to ownership and authenticity verification.

We trade dominantly in CA$, US$ and Euro.  Please feel free to request a quotation in the currency of your choice.  For our Canadian clients, art will be sold in Canadian or US Dollar, and subject to GST/HST as appropriate.  Terms for US and international clients is generally FOB Origin with shipping arrangements to mutual agreement.